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Video Marketing is instant, irresistible engagement

Here’s the deal: photography is brand, class, colour, your product in its best light, you brand narrative condensed into a single beautiful image.

Video is engagement. It’s immediate, it’s irresistible, it’s like real life but on a screen.

You need video marketing. At Eyepop, we see photography and video dancing a choreographed routine where you can both delight and have fun with your audience.

Your brand needs a video marketing strategy.

Video Marketing is fast and not expensive

The good news is that video production can be fast and accessible. Videos need:

  • Good scripts
  • Fast production
  • High-quality, branded music
  • Fast, dynamic editing
  • Quick turnaround

Check out some of our videos here: Video Marketing

Strong videos create strong engagement

Videos typically get more engagement and more shares. Videos show your product being used in the real world by real people that your audience can either egnage with or aspire to be.

With videos you say little, show a lot, and communicate more effectively.

Figure Out What Story You Want to Tell

First figure out your target audience. Who will be your best customers? Are you already engaged with them? What do they like. What don’t they like?

Then, figure out what your brand stands for, what it says, how people see it, what it looks, smells, feels and tastes like.

Now tell a story.

Hollywood screenplay wanted – apply here

Videos, like the movies, work best with a good script.

Even with a short marketing video of 15 seconds, you can introduce a story which engages. Techniques? Create a problem to be solved. Show a need that can be satisfied. Record a benefit that will make your customers life better.

Deciding what story you want your video to tell can be the most fun and the most difficult part. You’ll want to outline the following four elements, which serve as the basic framework of your story.

We use the monomyth system of Joseph Campbell. Heard of Star Wars? That uses it too. We condense the essential of a story into 4-12 parts, depending on time.

Video Marketing Boosts Sales

A varied video marketing strategy can do more than brand raise awareness. By featuring products, explaining new uses, and running social media promotions and campaigns, you can be up there with Nike and Pepsi boosting your sales.

Check out this video promoting a summer cocktail: Frozen Cocktails Video

Check out this teaser video (and especially the moody original music) for this London Dry Gin: London Dry Gin Video

Services Included:

Video Marketing
Art Direction
Sound Design
Supercharged Creativity

Your Business Objectives:

Increase Sales - Grow Social Media Presence - Increase Market Share - Positioning and Differentiation - Create a Brand Narrative

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