Expert Marketing Consultancy

Our international marketing expertise can be placed at your disposal.

Fresh Pair of Eyes

Organisations can benefit from having a fresh pair of eyes see the challenges they face. Those fresh pair of eyes can analyse your market positioning, your pricing and promotions strategy, your product mix, your sales channels, your communication platforms and even the effectiveness of your marketing department and its allocation of resources.


What starts with a friendly chat can lead to an in-depth marketing audit, and ultimately real improvements and change.


Besides revamping current business, we can collaborate, or even project manage, new business.

New Opportunities

New market? New product development ideas? Exports, partnerships, spin-offs? How about sub-brands or even products which compete with your own to gain overall market share? We can help you innovate commercially in new ways.

World-Class Marketing Expertise

We can also work closely with private equity and other ownership stakeholders looking to acquire, revamp or merge prospected entities.

Whatever the project, EyePop will bring world-class marketing expertise to instigate real change in the way to do business.