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A prudent question is half way to wisdom

All business tasks across every function should be designed with clear objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track whether the objectives are being hit. A key marketing skill is evaluating the data and pivoting a plan away from what you thought would work, towards what actually does work. A good marketer with a correct budget and an astute marketing plan, able to track and adapt performance dynamically, will always produce positive results.

Marketing spend for a B2C companies should be a minimum of 6% of annual sales. For B2B companies, 3%. Do the calculation and divide by 12 to get know how much you should spend per month. This varies across market segments, with premium products and services allocating much higher marketing spend. Spending the absolute minimum on marketing always erodes competitivity. Prioritize which marketing initiatives creates the most impact impact for the least money. In other words, track return on marketing investment (ROMI).

Choose one marketing agency over another primarily for its expertise. Evaluate our strengths (particularly marketing strategy and applied design), check our recent projects, read the client reviews, get a feeling for our personality and design style, consider our anglo-hispano DNA, review our LinkedIn profiles and past experiences, and ultimately, talk to us! Go with the right gun instinct vibe.

A marketing agency promotes products, services or brands to achieve objectives that enable a client to increase sales, brand awareness, launch new products, enter new channels or markets, and grow in size or competence.

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