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Strategic Marketing Consulting in Barcelona

Everybody has an opinion about marketing.

Seems easy. A soft skill. Subjective. Almost an art.

But it's quite the opposite.

True. Marketing thrives on creativity. But more than any other business function, marketing needs to remain highly focused, totally goals-oriented, cold-headed, metrics-based, rigorous and consistent.

Marketing Audit

As a Business Owner or CEO you're used to financial audits. But when was the last time you did a Marketing Audit?

Is your marketing operation optimised? Is your marketing strategy the right one? Are you leaving growth and higher margins on the table for more agile, marketing-savvy competitors to pick up?

Sorry. This may hurt a little

A focused marketing consultant will bring a fresh pair of eyes to your organisation. A marketing consultant will bring an experienced analytical mind, objective, non-office-politics ears that listen to the whole story, and a set of structured words that ask the right questions.

A great marketing consultant is neutral, objective, open-minded, unafraid, democratic and focused. 

At Eyepop, we delve deep into customer perceptions of your brand and products. We investigate all the touchpoints (digital and physical) where customers meet your brand. We find out what they really think, who they compare you to.

Your organisation does not exist in a capsule. Your organisation exists within a market that exists within a society that exists in a globalised, connected world. We analyse the market, the society, the world and where your brand fits in - and - very importantly - where its sits in relation to your competitors.

By using a Market Positioning Quadrant we analyse your brand, your competitors and your key markets. We don't just compare the hard variables (products, prices, segmentation, key clients, sales channels, etc...) we figure out brand perception, client prejudices, markets character.

And yes, we also analyse your internal marketing: how engaged are your staff? What do they tell their friends and family? How informed and in tune are they with an organisation's culture and values?

And finally, what are organisations, like yours, doing it in other countries? 

Above all, we will bring to your operation, the many years of conducting performance reviews for sales and marketing operations at an international level.

Our methodology and expertise might be the solution to unlock growth in your business.

Top 10 Reasons to hire a Marketing Consultant

  1. Your Marketing Strategy is struggling against better marketing from your competition.
  2. Your Marketing Strategy is stuck in a predictable rut. Same messages, same ideas, same or worsening results.
  3. Your Marketing team is badly led, badly staffed, does not connect with Sales, is tired, unmotivated, uninspired and performing badly.
  4. Your Marketing operation is expensive, bloated and ineffective.
  5. Your brand is tired, boring, old-fashioned, lacks personality, lacks consistency, lacks definition and stands in the shadow of brighter competitors.
  6. You don't want a full-time marketing team with a fixed cost. You want a lean set-up with a variable cost you can hire and fire.
  7. You have a great product, with opportunity to expand, but you don't have the marketing expertise or clout to create a solid marketing growth plan.
  8. Your board has management, finance, legal and operations experts. But no marketing expert. You want a marketing voice in the strategic conversation.
  9. Your Marketing is focused on the wrong things (the features of your product and not the benefits to customers, fighting tooth-and-nail in red seas infested with competition, deathly cycle of sales built on discounts and price cutting...)
  10. Crisis Management: something has happened and you need a cool, marketing and PR focused expert to help plot a route through the storm.

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At Eyepop, we place great emphasis on strategic marketing. Our co-founder is Chartered Institute of Marketing Member with award-winning marketing actions behind him (a brand identity change and a new sales channel opening). Find out more Linked In Bio