Video Marketing.

Videos are about 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google than conventional content.

Video marketing is more than YouTube or TikTok or Instagram.

Video marketing allows you to convey new and ingenious ways to communicate the value of your brand, in addition to creating more engagement, interaction, action and loyalty.

Rock n' Roll, Hollywood & hamburgers in Clot, Barcelona!

Noir, Peakys, "Sunset Boulevard". A video teaser for a new prganic gin about to be launched.

Tequila shots at one euro?!?! A Tik Tok ready video promo for Clote

A real BBC journalist reports on a new gastronomic phenomena happening right now in Clot, Barcelona

Xixbar gins and cocktails. Feeding social media platforms with visual content

Everybody has the right to make it.

* Marty Feldman was a brilliant actor, comedian, scriptwriter and jazz musician, famed for his misaligned eyes and professional success.

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