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Full service commercial photography and video in Barcelona

From short shoots of 12 photos to full inventory product-photos for e-commerce sites. From 8-second reels to cinematographic videos with sound design, acting and voices overs. We have:

  • multiple mobile lighting systems for outdoor shoots
  • "tethered" laptop connection to do high-quality photo-shoots in your premises
  • technical expertise to ensure success in a wide variety of project assignments: product, lifestyle, fashion, advertising, editorial, event and corporate photography
  • project management skills to get the job done on time in a structured and efficient manner
  • art direction to bring out the best in your product or brand

Advertising Photography and "Hero" Shots

We can turn your brief into something "wow!" which captures the essence of your brand.

"I have an iPhone, I don't need professional photography"

Great photographs attract attention. In a world where everyone takes pictures, the ability to capture attention with high-quality creative commercial photos can become a competitive advantage in a saturated market.

Professional photography increases customer engagement. For a restaurant, that means more business. For a clothing brand, that means more sales.

Once your customers realise that you only show the best and most spectacular images of your brand and your products, they will surely think that you have the best and most professional products.

The brief and ideation of your targets

Of course we can do product shots with a "white background". But we can also create "still life" shots, adding props, elements, textures, shadows and effects to create a mood and context that enhances your product.

We also take great care with the colour palette, applying the correct colour theory technique to the shoot to produce the right result.

We can also push the boundaries, take risks, create bold moods or avant-garde compositions with collage, montage and even create 3D compositions.

Check out our Photography and videos Portfolio.

Video marketing is instant and irresistible

Photography is branding, class, colour, your brand narrative condensed into one beautiful image.

Video is interaction: it's immediate, irresistible; it's like real life but on a screen.

You need video marketing

At Eyepop we see photography and video dancing a choreographed routine where you can delight and astonish your audience.

Your brand needs a video marketing strategy.

Video Marketing can be fast and inexpensive

The good news is that video production can be fast and affordable. Marketing videos need:

  • good scripts
  • fast production
  • high quality branded music
  • fast and dynamic editing
  • mobile equipment

Watch some of our videos here: photos & videos.

Good videos create more interaction

Videos generally get more engagement and more shares. Videos show how your product is used in the real world by real people your audience may be interested in or aspire to be.

With videos you say little and show a lot. That is effective communicate for the 8-second attention span world.

Decide what story you want to tell

First know who your target audience is. Who will be your best customers? Are you already engaged with them? What do they like? What don't they like?

Then figure out what your brand stands for, what it says, how people see it, how it looks, smells, feels and tastes.

Now tell a story.

Hollywood screenwriter wanted - apply here

Videos, like movies, work best with a good script.

Even with a short 15-second marketing video, you can present a story that engages.

Techniques? Create a problem to solve. Show a need that can be satisfied. Record a benefit that will improve the lives of your customers.

Video marketing increases sales

A varied video marketing strategy can do more than increase brand awareness. By introducing products, explaining new uses and running promotions and social media campaigns, you can keep up with Nike and Pepsi by increasing sales.

Watch this video promoting a cocktail